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Degreeshow Poster SSU

Check out the newest work I did on my portfolio!

Inked and Drawn illustration made for a school project about Stanley Kubrick.

The Assignment: Make a creative pitch for my dreamjob.

We were supposed to make something that represented ourselves, and also appealed to the people we wanted to work for. I created a comicbook superhero, based on myself. Regular designer by day, but at night a superdesigner, out to defeat evil clients and bad designs! I chose Anti & Grandpeople for the pitch, as they make some of the most inspiring and engaging designs in Norway. Aim high as they say.

Work in progress. Worm mountain. #worms #mountain #flaminglips #threadless #illustration #ink #blackandwhite #surreal #contest #drawing

Needed to practice my drawing a bit, ended up with this happy fellow!

Drawn on paper, then scanned and coloured/textureized in photoshop

Experiment with ink and whiteout #instaNKF #ink #whiteout #typography